Save Broom and Lees
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Taken during the long, hot summer of 2018 for the Save Broom and Lees Campaign,
when the field was being prepared for sports.

This beautiful field and the diverse wildlife that surrounds it - including owls, deer, insects and varied flora - provides pleasure to many people and recreation for Charterhouse school pupils. When the ground was originally prepared the final levelling was done by the feet of pupils who were required to tread it down, inch by inch.

The field's status as protected Green Belt is now under threat following Charterhouse School's declared intention to have it dug up for a housing estate.

12 May 2019

1 Aug 2018

1 Aug 2018

1 Aug 2018

Broom and Lees is looking considerably greener, following some much needed rain.

5 Sep 2018
The six full sized pitches and three five-a-side pitches are marked out and ready to use,
with some last minute mowing being done by the ground staff in readiness for players later in the day.

Second Demonstration. Saturday 24th November 2018.
Members of the Save Broom and Lees Campaign were outside the school once more,
reiterating the point about saving the land that lies within the Green Belt from development.
Unfortunately, it turned out to be another wet day but in true SB & L spirit everyone enjoyed it.
Once more, thank you to everyone who made it.
As before, it was notable that many passing motorists both waved and sounded their horns to show their support.




Note the car's registration plate (SB&4 LEES). Another on message vehicle!

Birds and hedgehogs in a garden adjacent to the Green Belt land of Broom and Lees (key below).

Below are a few examples of the many nesting birds that return to the garden year after year thanks to the mature trees and quiet, environmentally friendly surroundings.

1. Hedgehog; 1a. Baby hedgehog; 2. Bullfinch and blue tits in winter; 3. Woodpecker chick and parent; 4.Goldfinch chick; 5.Pair of bullfinches;
6. Nuthatch chick; 7. Bullfinch and siskins; 8. Green finches and one goldfinch.

Badgers, foxes and deer are frequent visitors to the surrounding area and there are numerous small mammals,
including bats, in the immediate locality.
Newts have been found in some garden ponds and grass snakes are also in the vicinity.

First Demonstration.
A small, good humoured and well recieved demonstration was staged by members of the Save Broom and Lees Campaign outside the school on Saturday 22 September 2018. It needed to be good humoured as the placard bearers
had to cope with heavy rain. Thank you to everyone who made it.
It was notable that many passing motorists both waved and sounded their horns to show their support.
There were more photos, and several families participated, but some images have children on them
so are only used with parental permission.

Click on the images below to see the larger pictures.

In the dry - thumbs up and big smiles! Even the dustbin joined in.

The weather deteriorated, but the goodwill was undiminished.

Funny how all the cars have the same number plates!

Note the car's registration plate. This vehicle was clearly on message!

It just got wetter and wetter but full marks for everyone who both turned up and stayed the course. Good to see support from the younger generation. They mostly stood outside the field's main gate.

A winter sunset over Broom and Lees, showing the towers of the main school building.