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26 Oct 2018 SO/2018/0008
A Freedom of Information request (No. 1403981) was made to Waverley Borough Council in September 2018 relating to Broom and Lees. The Council responded on 23 October 2018 by releasing three previously unpublished documents: a pre-planning proposal from Savills (agents for Charterhouse) written on 3 July 2018; a draft site plan; a location plan. The last two documents appear to be the same as published either in the exhibition leaflet or as other site locations of the field.

Permission has been sought from Waverley today (26 Oct 2018) to reproduce all three documents here.

Pre-Planning submission by Savills on behalf of Charterhouse School, dated 3 Jul 2018,
includes the statement that in their opinion Broom and Lees' Green Belt status would not have been granted today.

The agents state the wish to develop B&L, and removing the land from the Green Belt, because they consider it to be a "Very Special Circumstance". One should remember that, although the case is argued that B&L is surrounded by development, when the school first arrived in Godalming this land was all open fields not then owned by the school - including Lessington and Under Green.
It is apparent that they are trying to demonstrate that the proposed development will unlock substantial economic benefit for the local area. You will undoubtedly draw your own conclusions.

Draft Site Plan

Location Plan

Some of the information contained within the written submission, such as names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers, has been redacted. So has commercially sensitive and confidential information. The redacted information is exempt from disclosure under S40 (Personal Data) of the Act (where disclosure may contravene the Data Protection Act 2018).

All remaining information is already available on Waverley's web site.
13 Sep 2018 Save Broom and Lees Campaign, news brief 001
late Aug 2018 Flyer circulated by campaign members, 001
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