Save Broom and Lees
... Aerial view, Summer 2005

The above photograph shows the large sports field, known as Broom and Lees, which is at the heart of this campaign.
Six pitches are marked out, ready to be played on. Top is approximately north.
Hurtmore Road crosses the image from left to right, just above the copyright information. The wooden footbridge
connecting Broom and Lees with Under Green and the main school grounds can also be seen.
The field bottom right is Lessington, with Princes Drive between the two southernmost fields.
Top, centre, in the corner of Broom and Lees is a gateway into Mark Way, at this point a narrow private road.
A public footpath is under the trees on the field's northern boundary.

With very grateful thanks to the owner of this photograph for allowing its use for the Save Broom and Lees Campaign.


A wider view of the location can be seen on Streetmap - (they use Ordnance Survey maps).
Although Broom and Lees is not named, the arrow points to the field's bottom right corner.
Use their zoom control to see accurate maps of B&L and the area.

Another map is available on Google (view their larger map). They have only recently included B&L on their map.
Google maps are of a more commercial nature, contain advertisements and are not 100% accurate - at least as far as this area is concerned.