Save Broom and Lees
... because the Green Belt matters

Broom and Lees is a large sports field on the north eastern side of Hurtmore Road in Godalming, Surrey.
It is owned by Charterhouse School.

Waverley Borough Council has repeatedly sought to protect the Green Belt status of this historic field,
which falls within an Area of Great Landscape Value (AGLV),
but Charterhouse is demanding that protection be set aside to make way for a housing estate.

This website was established to help provide information to local residents, and many other interested parties,
whose aim is to Save Broom and Lees.

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The Save Broom and Lees Campaign look forward to your support over the coming months.
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Planning Application WA/2019/0067 - Valid from 03/01/2019
Land South of Daviesites, Queens Drive, Godalming, Surrey.
Erection of 2 buildings comprising over 4,000 sq. m. of floor space up to 4 storeys in height to provide student accommodation with associated landscaping and associated works together with a car park of 77 spaces.
Applicant: The Governing Body Of Charterhouse School.
Agent: Savills
Type: Full Major Application
Comments Due By 22 Feb 2019
Target date 04 Apr 2019.

Note: in the documents the Agents state that this is part of the "Charterhouse Masterplan" (2017) setting out the aspirations to build, originally, four new boarding houses, that was revealed at the public exhibition of July 2018. These plans have been revised, so the application is slightly more modest than originally envisaged.

1. Planning Application WA/2019/0067 - go directly to the application to read the documents, including objection letters.
2. Suggested reading:
Heritage Statements - Appendix A-Heritage Assessment (Savills) 25 January 2019.

Waverley website - Planning recommendation for the above.

»Latest news:
Waverley website - Officers recommend matter deferred to enable an appropriate assessment (re Planning Meeting of 17 April 2019).
Letter from Natural England to Waverley (relating to the above).

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